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They Are Flying Planes

They Are Flying Planes is a jumbo package that deftly bridges lo-fi and swank. It could hardly be better:

Here’s a photo showing a spread and two items included in this issue of TAFP; it comes courtesy of Richard Owens’s detailed write-up at Damn the Caesars.

A hefty double-signature of poems printed large and bound with care; four tipped-in poetic inclusions; two CDs, poetry and then music; plus a great chapbook by Mike Basinski. There’s a Buck Downs poem on the CD, and another in the magazine.

This is issue #2. Issue #1 was popular enough that they printed a second, travel-friendly version to complement the wide format run, but don’t wait for that to happen again. Write to They Are Flying Planes and get in on the fun.

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    Christophe Casamassima Says:

    Hey, Buck,

    Awesome seeing you last night and catching up. Please send me lots of poems and postcards and I’ll think about what you said – starting furniture press from the bottom up.

    Keep in touch!

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