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Bootstrap Offers Flag Day Deal of the Century

We’re big fans of Derek & Ryan at Bootstrap Productions here at buckdowns.com. Their most recent release, A New Book from Rome by John Wieners, is a beautiful edition of previously unpublished work by this great Boston poet.

Now they’re offering one of the greatest deals in poetry today: order A New Book from Rome before June 14th, and get 13 additional books from the Bootstrap backlist, plus a tasty CD of the rock and roll.

Here’s the letter with the details:

Dear Bootstrappers,

Here at bootstrap, we love the work of John Wieners.  So much so, that we (Jim, Ryan, and Derek) spent countless hours turning his journal into a physical object.  We would like nothing more than for you to read his words.

In fact, if you would like to read this book, here it is, for free–in its entirety:


If you would like to own the physical object, a 168-page, Scarlett hardcover with gilded design, which also includes ephemera, you will find it available at:


In fact, we want you to own this book so badly that we are going to make this offer:

If you order it before June 14th (Flag Day), we will send you the following books for free:

Parish Krewes, Micah Ballard 
Soft Launch, Jim Dunn 
Another Alley, Mike County 
The Complete Poems of Catullus, trans. Ryan Gallagher 
The Riot Act, Geoffrey Young 
Rancho Weirdo, Laura Chester 
My Favorite Color is Red: Experiments with Lines 1999-2005, Derek Fenner 
Two Elk: A High Country Notebook, Andrew Schelling 
Plum Smash and Other Flashbulbs, Ryan Gallagher 
Cosmos and Damian: A World Trade Center Collage, David Michalski
I No Longer Believe in Sun: Love Letters to Katie Couric, Derek Fenner 
The Way To Get Here, Gavin Pate 

plus Wiseblood, vol. 1–(bootstrap-friendly indie rock)

That’s 13 books and 1 CD for $50.00.

And you will be supporting a small press that wants to publish more work.
Rumor has it that there are less than 90 copies of A New Book from Rome left; they are destined to become collector’s items as soon as the edition sells out. The other books offered in this mega-package deal are equally eye-popping, visually and verbally.

Do yourself a big favor & get on the Bootstrap bandwagon.

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