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I got a postcard in the mail from the sage of Lewisburg, Mr. Robert Head:

the Creek & the Choctaw did many things
but they never drilld a hole in the Mississippi Canyon.

the oil is already at Oranj Beach Alabama
& is working its way eastward to Appalachicola Bay
hwer 90% of Florida’s oysters liv
& then on to St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge
hwer my father took us to look at the birds

St. Marks was talkt away from the Spanish
by Andrew Jackson hoo told the commandr
that they were on the same side
against the “Indians” & the “free Negroes”

i believe it was about 1830
that the Choctaws signed away their land
east of the Mississippi to the “United States”
either that or a bullet in the head

so mile by mile the united states
extended its sovrinty to the Gulf

That same postcard also announced that Robert and Darlene are posting poems online now at head-fife.blogspot.com. Do check it out, y’all. Thanks —

PS additional kudos to Deez Beez Letterpress of Hillsville, Virg., for a good-looking postcard.

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