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Save 20% on Ain’t Got All Night at Lulu

Go to Lulu.com this month and get 20% any order: Enter the code TRICK305 when you check out, and 25% off Ain’t Got All Night, Now & Laters, or any other books at Lulu. The offer is good until Nov. 1.


The Equalizer 1.1-1.10 available now

Michael Schiavo’s The Equalizer has been coming out in installments all month. The eleventh section is due out tomorrow. You can find out more, and download all 10 installments by visiting The Unruly Servant.


Ain’t Got All Night Discount Ends Tomorrow

Tonight’s the night to order AIN’T GOT ALL NIGHT direct from Lulu.com and save 15%.¬†This link will take you the product page. Use the promo code¬†FALLREAD305 when you check out. This discount ends tomorrow, Oct. 15.


The Equalizer now Online

Michael Schiavo’s The Equalizer is a serial pdf with lots of great contributors. Poems from little amygdla are sprinkled throughout the sections of Equalizer v.1 You can see Equalizer 1.0 at HTML Giant. If you want to get new issues directly, e-mail Michael.


Another Helping e-book from Publishing Genius

Adam Robinson has done a great job with the look & feel of this batch of poems, Another Helping. You can download or print out the book at Chapbook Genius. There’s also a link to a little [3 questions] Q&A about the book. & thanks to all the folks who got their copies of AIN’T […]

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