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New Poem in Unarmed

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you may be lucky enough to find a copy of Unarmed at a local book or record store, since about half each issue’s print run is distributed locally by Michael Mann, the editor publisher. Each issue includes a chapbook by a poet — in the latest issue, […]


Two Places to Buy *Black Peppermint*

If you’re in DC you can find copies of *Black Peppermint* at Pleasant Plains Workshop, 2608 Georgia Ave. NW. That’s between Euclid and Fairmont, right across the street from Howard Univ. PPW is a store, a gallery, the secret headquarters of DC Cheer, and so much more. Bridge Street Books (2814 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) also has […]


Save 25% on Black Peppermint This Week

Curl up in your winter nest with a warm dose of *BLACK PEPPERMINT* and SAVE 25%: Click on the image to order your copy today; enter the code ONEMORETHING305 at checkout to get your discount. Good through Jan. 6th.

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