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Support DCAC & Get a Free Copy of Postcards Retrieved

As most of you know, I’ve been a supporter of the D.C. Arts Center (DCAC) for many years. DCAC is a unique and superlative example of what a dedicated group of creative people can do to make exciting things happen in the city.  Through its exhibitions and theater schedule, DCAC has supported emerging artists, actors, and writers, and continues to discover and present new talent every month.

Being part of the DCAC community has been an ongoing adventure — one that has entertained and educated me, and that continues to do so every time I step into the gallery and theater on 18th Street. Adams-Morgan is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city, and DCAC has been one of the mainstays responsible for that.
I would like to ask each of you to join DCAC, renew your membership, or make an additional contribution this year. Your support would make a huge difference this year. We want to make sure that DCAC will be able to remain part of Adams-Morgan, this year and into the future. Here’s a link to the Membership page.

I have created a special book that I would like to send to each of you who decides to be part of the community that supports DCAC. It’s called Postcards Retrieved. This hardcover book includes photos of 20 different postcards that have been part of my postcard project, sending poetry through the mail for the last eighteen years. The postcards in Postcards Retrieved have been returned by the USPS for various reasons, and carry with them the traces of their journeys across the country and back. It’s a unique and beautiful book, if I do say so myself.
If you will join DCAC at the Realist level ($60), I will send you a signed copy of Postcards Retrieved. Forward me a copy of your receipt and your address, and a copy will be on its way. Here’s a picture of the book: (cover photo courtesy of Derek Fenner)

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