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Interview on Altered Scale blog

The first part of a Q&A is up now on the Altered Scale blog. This part starts to delve into selling books, which is a great prompt to say that *black peppermint* and YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF WHAT YOU REALLY DON’T NEED are available. Check out the links under Ordering Books for more info.

Sign up to follow the Altered Scale blog, and also visit the Altered Scale galleries, showing poetry from dozens of the best around. Thanks to Jeff Hansen, Editor of Altered Scale, for his interest.


Three Poems at Altered Scale

Three poems from the sequence I WANNA BE YOUR CORIN TUCKER are now posted at Altered Scale. Thanks to Jeff Hansen for his enthusiastic response to these poems.

I WANNA BE YOUR CORIN TUCKER is one of the poem sequences in the forthcoming Assorted Books of Buck Downs; keep watching this space for further news on that and other books to come.


Special CRACKED Discount at Lulu This Week

That’s right. Order *black peppermint*, YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF WHAT YOU REALLY DON’T NEED, or any other books at Lulu.com this week, use the promo code CRACKED at checkout, and get 20% off your order.


You Can’t Enough of What You Really Don’t Need — Available Now

The second volume of Pontiac Fever,¬†You Can’t Enough of What You Really Don’t Need, is out now and available at lulu.com. Click here to order & pay by credit card.

Cover photo, “Mardi Gras in Faubourg Marigny” by Michael Dominici.


The Charlie Visconage Show, Friday June 8th

Next Friday, I’ll be one of the guests on the DC talk show, The Charlie Visconage Show. On top of witty repartee & new live poems, one of the show’s other guests, Shawn Westfall, will be doing cut-ups of my work in real time and performing the results. More sense, or less? You decide!

To learn more about the Charlie Visconage Show, check our the FB page.

Order your tickets here. Enter the code “Guest” at checkout & save $5.

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